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'Get Informed'

Knowledge and experience that will help you save money and give you peace of mind!

Building a home should be a memorable and satisfying life achievement. Whether you intend to live in your newly built home or have it as an investment property, building a home is a significant event which warrants careful planning and extensive researching to ensure you get exactly what you want for the price you're paying. You should ensure that you understand the terms of your Building Contract and know exactly what you are getting for your money.

We provide advice to you about every aspect of your new home build and if required, be we can negotiate any concerns you have directly with the Builder, on your behalf.

You'll receive a comprehensive, detailed written report covering every aspect of your build!

We'll alert you to possible omissions, inadequate allowances or unnecessary extras that could cost you thousands of dollars by the time your home reaches Completion.


  • Signing a Contract 'locks you in'
  • Upgrades & changes after you sign WILL cost you EXTRA!
  • Is your Contract fair and not favouring the Builder?
  • Is the Design exactly what you want?
  • Are allowances for fittings & fixtures fair and reasonable?
  • Is the proposed build time realistic?
  • What amount is stated for Liquidated Damages?
  • Are you at ease with discussing any concerns you have with your Builder?

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